Hello and welcome, my name is Matthew Buxton. I’m a serial entrepreneur, Business Broker, author and business advisor. My passion and area of expertise is helping people buy and sell, small to medium-sized, privately owned businesses, in Canada.

Each course I offer is a culmination of my experiences. When it comes to being a seasoned business broker you see everything from the “good”, to the “bad”, to the down right “ugly”. I have years of experience working directly with buyers, sellers, lenders, lawyers and other industry experts and I want to share all these experiences with you in the meaningful way - in a way that ensures your success. In a way that helps you avoid failure and heartbreak.

Buyers need to know that there are some fantastic businesses out there, whose owners just want to find that perfect buyer - perhaps a buyer just like you!

Business owners need to know that there are some fantastic people out there who are looking for a great business opportunity. They are hard working, honest people who are eager to learn. Individuals and couples who would be a perfect match for your business!

Buying or selling a business is an investment that you have complete control of.

For buyers it is an investment that will give you that perfect work / life balance, (and ultimately a comfortable retirement).

For business owners, selling your business is a once in a lifetime, golden opportunity, to have a comfortable retirement. It is therefore essential you put the time and effort into preparing your business for the sale! I promise you taking the time to properly prepare yourself and your business for the sale will be the best business decision you will ever make!

My courses are the most comprehensive courses you will find that are specific to buying or selling a business in Canada.

Let’s get started!

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